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Hi there!

The Ochre Home is the brainchild of Geraldine and Vincent of @ochre.home, where we document and share our lifestyle, art, interior journey, and inspirations. We believe that every home should embody your own personal style and character through the design choices you make. From statement furniture pieces to subtle decorative touches, or a full wall mural to a framed painting, every item makes the home reflect a little more of you.


A visual artist by training, Geraldine enjoys working with colours to create visually capturing expressionist paintings, with botanicals often being her choice subject matter. Also enthusiasts of both nature and interior furnishing, the couple finds interest in melding both passions into interior projects to create living spaces that are warm, comfortable, and reflect the personalities of its habitants. 

The Ochre Home is an art and interior brand that is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their own design personalities through thoughtful furnishing selections and art commissions for homes.

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