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The Ochre Home creates commissioned art for interiors through various art forms such as abstract paintings, botanical paintings, and urban drawings. We also do painting commissions for events and weddings that ranges from reception paintings to a painted backdrops. Ochre Home is also open to artistic collaborations with brand partners to create fashion, products, and event installations.


Our art commissions are mainly inspired by scenes and elements of nature, with textures of terrain and landscapes being the common inspiration of subject matter. Paintings are also often textured with gestural strokes in earth-tone palettes, evoking energy yet exuding calmness. Commissioned paintings are typically created on stretched or unstretched canvas using mediums like acrylic paint, oil pastels and texture paste.

As art pieces are customized to individual design requests, we will go through a design discussion with you on matters relating to sizing, subject matter, colour scheme, and any other inspirations and considerations.


The art piece will require a lead time that ranges between 2-4 months from the point of confirmation, subject to time availability. Pricing for canvas painting commissions start from $880 and up, and varies depending on canvas size and painting style.


Please feel free to contact us by filling the form below, or drop us a message on Instagram @ochre.home


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