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Ochre Home x Love & Bravery: On These Plains, Wildflowers Grew

Updated: Jan 25

In November 2023, Geraldine (The Ochre Home) worked with the team from local fashion brand, Love & Bravery, to launch their very first capsule collection titled: On These Plains, Wildflowers Grew

The collection featured an abstract art print on a range of ready-to-wear linen pieces for the modern women, derived from a digitalised acrylic art painting created by Geraldine. The collection consisted of a mix of dresses, tops and shorts, and was made available in two different colour ways, with some solid colour pieces.

As snow melts and spring arrives, foliage re-emerge as buds from the earth.

With how seasons change in this once barren land, the warm air breathes signs of life as they slowly begin to flourish.

Like a stroll through a field, we heighten our sensations to the feel of soft grass beneath our feet,

the sweet smell of flowers in the air,

the gentle rustling of leaves with the wind.

In this transient landscape we spot sprinkles of colour;

on these plains wildflowers grew

Artist’s Note

Specially created for Love & Bravery, ‘On These Plains Wildflowers Grew’ is inspired by the new coming of Spring in the setting of a vast plain, through imaginative observations of nature’s changes during this period. Time passes quickly, yet stands seemingly still. A gentle mix of gestural strokes in warm, muted hues of the earth creates subtle contrast against smooth textures in shades of white and cream. The abstraction of shapes and colours culminate in an impressionist painting that invite the viewer to let their wonder take them through their memories of spring.



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