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Woodleigh Hillside

Interior design and styling of a brand new 5-room BTO apartment for a young couple - being entrepreneurs who champion social causes and work with refugee communities around the world, the couple wanted their home to be a calming retreat that embodied natural-looking elements, textures, and colours, that exuded relaxation while reminding them of their time when travelling.

Built on a warm palette of cream, terracotta, and mid-toned wood, we created an open concept home with a generously sized kitchen island as a statement piece in the home, terracotta tiles to demarcate the yard area, with similar coloured tiles repeating in the bathroom. The living and dining area play on layered furnishings and accent lighting to create a cosy, lived-in feel with no build-ins, while a touch of natural rattan in the master bedroom wardrobe gives subtle detail to a soft and calming backdrop.


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